Attainment Area

Vigo County is one of several Indiana Counties that is currently within an "attainment area"-- meaning we meet all federal clean-air standards as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  An attainment area is an area considered to have air-quality as good as or better than the national ambient air quality standards as defined in the Clean AIr Act.  An area may be an attainment area for one pollutant and a non-attainment area for others.  Terre Haute/ Vigo County considers its good air quality one of its valuable assets.  Being proactive we work to remain in attainment of ambient air quality standards.

Our community takes environmental stewardship seriously.  We work to distinguish ourselves from others and provide an edge in a very competitive battle for national and international commerce.  This unique strength is an invitation to businesses looking to expand or relocate to look at the greater Terre Haute area closely.

Commitments made by business and industry to comply with and operate above and beyond permitting requirements contributes to the area's designation of ambient air quality.  We can be an environmental force without giving up our role as an economic development engine for the region.  From this we are building on our economic success and make sure businesses and people at all economic levels benefit from job creation and financial activity associated with quality air attainment.


Our unique location makes a variety of outdoor activities possible. A common misconception is that because of our proximity we have harsh winters; on the contrary, winter storms do not last long here.  And with the sun shinning nearly 220 days a year, it means few weather related interruptions of business operations.

Terre Haute/Vigo County at maximum is 552.3-feet above sea level; lowest point is 517.1-feet.

Percent/Days of Sunshine  
60% (220 days)
Hottest Month  
July (average temp: 85F)
Average High Temperature Year  
Highest Record Temperature  
104F (July)
Coldest Month  
January (average temp: 28F)
Average Low Temperature  
Lowest Recorded Temperature  
-19F (February)
Average Precipitation  
40 inches
Annual Snowfall  
21.9 inches
Average Relative Humidity  
Source: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Weatherbase sm


Natural Disaster Occurrence

Provided below is information on natural disaster occurrence (past 100 years) as recorded and maintained by government climatological offices: