Terre Haute has the utility infrastructure and flexibility to supply power and energy-related products from leading utility companies. Service providers have invested heavily in the infrastructure required to support the needs of today's sophisticated business and industry.

Electric Power

Supplies of electricity are abundant for future needs, and service reliability is rated among the best in the nation. Incentive rates are available for both new and expanding business and industry under certain conditions.

Fuel: Coal
Generating Capacity: 21,000MW
Peak Demand: 11,094 MW
Service Area: 69 Counties

Duke-Energy is the largest investor owned utility in the State of Indiana. Duke-Energy rates are among the lowest in the nation. Click here to visit Duke-Energy's web site for tariff information.

Web Site: www.duke-energy.com

Fuel: Coal
Wholesale Power Provider: Hoosier Energy                                                                                                                                                                          Residential Usage: 1335 (monthly average)
Service Area: Vigo, Greene and Clay Counties along with Knox, Sullivan, Gibson, Pike and Posey. 

WIN Energy REMC is a not-for-profit electric distribution cooperative that provides electricity to residential and commercial loads. Commercial loads amount to approximately 47% of total annual sales.  

Web site: www.winenergyremc.com

Natural Gas

An abundant supply of natural gas is provided for both firm and interruptible customers throughout the community. Integrated rate options are offered allowing industrial customers to tailor gas services to meet their specific process or facility needs.

Vectren Corp.
Source: Williams Pipeline
Service Area: Vigo, Clay, Vermillion and Parke Counties

Vectren provides natural- as service throughout the community, including developed industrial sites. It offers integrated rate options to allow industrial customers to tailor gas services to meet their specific process or facility needs. Vectren also assists manufacturing firms and other business with locational and expansion plans.

Web site: www.vectren.com


The potable water is supplied to the City of Terre Haute and surrounding areas by Indiana American Water and a handful of other smaller water utilities. The sanitary sewer system in greater Terre Haute is provided by the City of Terre Haute Sanitary District.

Indiana-American Water Company
Source: Five wells adjacent to the Wabash River
Current Daily Use:
-Average Demand: 10 MGD
-Peak Demand: 14 MGD
Current Daily Pumping Capacity: 17 MGD
Average Delivered Temperature: 50-65 F
Average Pressure in System: 55 pounds
Service Area: Terre Haute and regional area

Web site: www.indiana-american.com


Terre Haute Waste Water Treatment Plant
Current Daily Capacity:
-Average: 10 MGD
-Peak: 40 MGD

Pretreatment Program in place.


Terre Haute/Vigo County has a highly reliable communications network, designed and engineered to meet the wireless, high speed internet access and voice service requirements of industry.  The network is comprised of digital switching centers and copper and fiber-optic cable.  Resdundancy ensures the continuity of service. 

Frontier Corporation provides telephone service to the Vigo County area. The local Marketing Department consists of a full staff of communications analysts, consultants and specialists to service large and small businesses. Frontier has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to meet all customer communication needs. A variety of long-distance phone services also are available.

Web site: www.frontier.com

Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable Business Class provides scalable, IT solutions to businesses in Terre Haute, Indiana by offering a full portfolio of data, security, video products and fiber-based services, including Metro Ethernet solutions, dedicated Internet Access, tele-worker and branch office solutions and managed security storage.

Web site: www.timewarnercable.com