Terre Haute/Vigo County offers commercial property and industrial property in its many turnkey buildings and industrial parks.

The Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation works closely with local and state officials to develop attractive, customized incentive packages.

The Terre Haute workforce is known for its high productivity, strong work ethic and sense of community.

Economy & Demographics
In Terre Haute/Vigo County, Indiana, you will feel a spirit of cooperation at work, taking our community to “A Level Above.”

Transportation Overview


Indiana has one distinct advantage over most states – its location. It offers unparalleled transportation opportunities to get you anywhere in the world with ease. The state's integrated transportation system of highways, railroads, airports and sea/river ports ensures that you can reach every one of your markets and get shipments from suppliers efficiently.

Indiana's highway system features primary and secondary roads including 14 interstate highways. It is served by several commercial airports, the largest being Indianapolis International Airport. There are over 4,500 miles of public railway in Indiana. One of the nation's largest railroads operates in Indiana: CSX Corporation.  The state's border is 57% water.  Yes, Indiana connects to two "marine Highways" that carry 33 million truck loads of cargo per year.  The three public ports that serve the state are Burns Harbor which is a deep sea port via the St. Lawrence Sea Way, and the two river ports Jeffersonville and Mount Vernon by way of the Ohio River.  Indiana's Ports rank 7th in Domestic Waterborne Shipping and 14th in total Waterborne Shipping. 

An initiative called Conexus Indiana Logistics Council, is a statewide, industry-driven initiative focused on growing the state's advanced manufacturing and logistics industries. The Logistics Council, in part, works to enhance the environment for companies in advanced manufacturing and logistics to grow their business, taking advantage of Indiana's position at the heart of the global supply chair. 

Terre Haute itself could not be better positioned from a transportation perspective, centered in America's industrial, distribution and transportation heartland. Our strengths include the Terre Haute International Airport with its 9,020 foot runway (the fourth longest in the State of Indiana). Class I Rail service is provided by CSX Transportation, and the Indiana Rail Road Company has 500 miles of rail, hauling more than 15 million tons of goods annually. Terre Haute is situated on Interstate Highway 70 (east/west) and US Highway 41 (north/south). The city is equidistant from the major (north/south) Interstate Highways 69 and 65 and approximately 120 miles from each of the three ports that serve the  Indiana.

Our location near both the population and geographic centers of the United States is one of our most powerful elements for success. We are truly the Crossroads of America.  


Terre Haute, Indiana


The Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation works closely with local and state officials to develop customized packages that meet the needs of business and the interests of the community.  The scope of project incentives is based on number and type of new jobs created or retained in Indiana, and new capital investments made in the community.

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