Economy & Demographics

On the most basic level, everyone benefits from a strong economy - workers, employers, even visitors. In Terre Haute/Vigo County, Indiana, you will feel a spirit of cooperation at work, taking our community to “A Level Above.” We want our citizens to grow and prosper, so we will do everything in our power to give your business the location, incentives, infrastructure, workforce and support it requires to grow and prosper as well.

Thanks to the area’s competitive environment, low operating costs, easily accessible transportation and strong utility infrastructure, Terre Haute/Vigo County has attracted a diversity of successful businesses, including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. It is this diversity that promotes continued economic growth for the area. The Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation is committed to supporting a vibrant, balanced and diversified economy that benefits workers, employers and visitors alike.

Businesses in Terre Haute/Vigo County enjoy a superior ground and air transportation network and have access to a plentiful and skilled workforce, comprehensive education resources, established industrial and business parks and ample greenfield for development.