Top Manufacturing Companies

Top Manufacturing Companies by Number of Employees


Employer Product Employment
Sony DADC CD & DVD Production 950*
ADVICS Mfg. Automobile Steering Components 841*
Bemis Polyethylene Bags/ Flexible Packaging 710
Great Dane Trailers Mfg. Semi Trailers 542 (1283 Clay County)
ELANCO- Division Eli Lilly Mfg. Animal Feed Enzyme 470* (Vermillion County)
ThyssenKrupp Presta Mfg. Automobile Steering Components 439
Taghleef Mfg. Oriented Polypropylene Film 425*
GE Aviation Mfg. of Turbine Engine Components 401*
Kellogg Snack's Mfg. Snack Foods & Cereal 250*
Jadcore Polyethylene Liners/Industrial Plastics Recycler 250*
CSN, LLC Cold-Roll Steel Finishing 213*
Ampacet Plastic Compounding 211*
Novelis Aluminum Foil 198
Menards Mfg. Truss/Block & Distribution 175
Clabber Girl Corporation Mfg. Baking Powder 165*
Tredegar Polyethylene Film 135
Gartland Foundry Mfg. Gray & Ductile Iron 102*
PolyOne Mfg. Polymers & Colorants 99*
DuPont Mfg. Sweeteners 95*
Green Leaf Mfg. Injection Molded Products 78*
Futurex Industries Mfg. Sheet Extrusion 77
Columbian Home Products Mfg. Brand Cookware 75
Lenex Steel Mfg. Steel Fabrication 64*
Modern Aluminum Castings Mfg. Aluminum 35
Reynolds & Company Mfg. Machine & Parts 25*
Source: Direct from Employers, (*) Denotes Third Quarter 2015.  All others reflect First Quarter 2014, 2013 and 2012